Residential Construction with a technical edge.

All jobs are contingent on project awards and availability of work.


Site Supervisor

Salary: $40k - $60k
Experience: 5+ years

Description of responsibilities:
Safety: Maintain an in-depth knowledge of all company and legal safety regulation and communicates them to all workers. Perform OSHA required Tailgate Meetings and related activities, enforce compliance as required. 
Operations: Coordinate work schedules and ensure the timely delivery of goods by vendors.
Oversite: Monitor subcontractor and tradesperson work at the site to ensure
that tradepeople adhere to schedule, budget, and safety requirements.
Client Communication: A site supervisor meets with his client on a regular basis to provide an up-to-the-minute briefing on the status of the construction project. It is at this time that any changes, delays or other issues are addressed.

Must be familiar with Green Building requirements, training and certification in one or more of the Green Building areas is preferred.

TBD Employee #1X

Salary: $45k - $60k
Experience: 5+ years
Description of role:

Entry Level  Position

Salary: $10 / hour
Experience: 1+ year
Description of responsibilities:
Site Cleanup:  Perform daily site cleanup and organization.  Remove all scrap, and job waste.  Recycle all recycleable materials.
 Load, unload and distribute, and stage construction materials as required.  Remove and recycle trees, brush, and related debris. Install and maintain barricades to maintain site safety in compliance with OSHA and  company requirements.  Erect and dismantle concrete forms, scaffolding, catwalks and barricades. Dig trenches for utilities, pipes,  forms and footings and backfill after completion with approved procedures.  Assist in placing concrete and asphalt on road surfaces.  Perform manual work and operate equipment such as: pneumatic hammers, tampers, mixers, hoists, drills, and other tools.  Assist skilled craftworkers and tradespersons in performing advanced tasks like carpentry, roofing, and other complex construction duties.  Become familiar with duties of other laborers and the tools and machinery they use.  Stay updated on safety precautions and construction plans.  Perform other entry level construction site activities such as cleaning up spills, doing minor equipment maintenance, directing traffic, assisting in demolishion tasks etc.




  1. Prospective employees must pass a drug screening test.
  2. A background check is required.
  3. References will be checked.